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Looking for SPOUSES & CHILDREN of DEPLOYED soldiers
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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A T-shirt that I found online
A T-shirt that I found online
My husband is preparing for deployment to Afghanistan soon. This will be his 2nd deployment in his Army career. He has already served in Iraq during 2006-07. This will be the first deployment my kids and I have experienced on the National Guard end. We were an active duty family during the first deployment.

When you are active duty, the families have so many more resources, connections, and events available to them during deployments. However, when you are in National Guard or Reserves, that is not always the case. So, I am working on putting together a "support" group for SPOUSES and CHILDREN of DEPLOYED soldiers.

This will be a local group and open to anyone who has a deployed spouse. TO PROTECT THE MEMBERS, each new member will need to fill out an application for membership and DOD-issued dependent ID will be required for anyone over the age of 13 yrs. old. This will be both an educational and supportive meeting group, but it will also be fun too! We will put together and attend events and fun things for kids and spouses to do! Both husbands with deployed wives and wives with deployed husbands can join! No joining fee at this time! Meeting place has not been confirmed yet but it will most likely be in Oxford. Meeting times and days are TBA. If interested, please contact me by leaving me a message in the comment section. If you are on Facebook and would like to be contacted via FB, please let me know what name to look up or you can leave your link. If you would rather email, please leave your email that you would like to be contacted at, and I will contact you.

Have a great day!!!

by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN...GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME!!! Help send my Girl Scout Troop to summer camp this year! All your favorite cookie flavors are available, plus an all-new flavor to help mark the 100th Year Anniversary of the Girl Scouts...INTRODUCING SAVANNAH SMILES COOKIES...delicious powdery lemon cookies! So, put in your order for THIN MINTS, SAMOAS, DO-SI-DOS, THANK U BERRY MUNCH, DULCE DE LECHE, TREFOILS, TAGALONGS! Each box is $3.50 or $42 per case. Remember you CAN freeze the cookies...and they taste just as delicious! To put in your order, please EMAIL with subject line: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, and put how many of each box, what flavors of cookies, and a phone number to reach you at. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

New Years Resolutions
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
Jan 02, 2012 | 1520 views |  0 comments | 17 17 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Happy New Years!

With a new year comes new resolutions. The majority of people do not stick to their resolutions. Most resolutions have to do with weight loss, exercising more, eating better, etc. I usually do not make resolutions because I typically just try to live a healthy life anyways, but this year, I've made a resolution to get organized. I used to be extremely organized, but as I have gotten older, gotten married, had 2 kids, worked as a nurse, returned to school, and just become all around super busy, organization at home has not been what it used to be. In 2012, however, I am going to change that! :)

Christmas Sadness
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
Dec 27, 2011 | 1699 views |  0 comments | 17 17 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

During the Christmas holiday, I was saddened to see so many people I knew who had family members in the hospital, dying, or who had died. I am so sorry for all of my friends and family members who suffered a loss during this holiday season.

I hope that all the families who were touched by loss will find hope and strength during this hard time.

Christmas is just around the corner...
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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Christmas Eve is 18 days away, yet it still feels like fall on most days and summer on others. Some houses have decorations out. Ours is one of them. However, I have not seen as many as I did last year. I don't know if people are losing the spirit because of the weather or maybe because of the economy.

Times are hard for a lot of people. I know a few people who won't be having much of a Christmas due to finances. We started buying for our kids' Christmas gifts a few months ago, so other than the few things we have left to get off layaway, our kids' Christmas is good to go. I really feel for the families who will not be able to give their children a Christmas to remember this year.

My Girl Scout Troop will be taking a trip to the Quintard Mall in a couple of weeks to work together to pick an angel off the Salvation Army tree. Then they will each be given money to buy a gift in the mall for that angel. They are so excited. The day after that, they will be delivering their Birthday-in-a-Bags to Childrens Hospital in Birmingham. Hopefully these 2 wonderful bags will help a very special boy and a very special girl to celebrate their birthdays while they are in the hospital.

Getting into the spirit doesn't just mean what you can buy for each means showing others that you care.

Upcoming Munford Community Flu Shot Clinics!
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
Nov 19, 2011 | 4474 views |  0 comments | 21 21 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Attention Munford Community, I will start putting together FLU SHOT CLINICS in Munford pretty soon. Details will come as soon as I have places and dates/times set up! Flu shots can be given to all persons, ages 4 yrs and up, who are not allergic to chicken eggs or thimerosal and who have never had an allergic reaction to the flu shot. This is a KILLED VIRUS, which means the flu shot will NOT make you sick! If you hear of someone who says they got sick from the flu shot, it is because they actually came into contact with the flu virus BEFORE getting the shot! Flu shots protect hundreds of thousands of people every year from getting sick. PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! If you would be interested in attending the Munford community flu shot clinics, please comment below. Thanks!

Long time, no write! Sorry!
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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Life has been truly busy and complicated here at the VB household! My husband and I are both enrolled in college full-time. He is working on his Pre-Engineering degree, while maintaining A's in college-level Trig, college level chemistry, a programming class, and not quite as well in an English Lit class (he HATES anything dealing with English and grammar...LOL). I've been working on pre-req's for admission into the RN program. It's been harder on me because I work nearly full-time as LPN, go to school full-time (and all my classes are ONLINE this semester), run a Girl Scout Troop once a week, run family errands, do all of our daughter's activities (which includes Girl Scouts, violin lessons, and now basketball), maintain a home, cook meals, etc. I'm doing pretty good in my classes considering that I rarely get the time to work on them, but I could be doing better if I did not have so much on my plate. It's tough, but it's worth it in the end!

My husband's National Guard unit is preparing for deployment to Afghanistan, which has been taking a whole lot of family time away from us. I never could understand why the military insists on taking our Soldiers away for training after training and for long periods of time each time right when they are preparing to take them away from us for a full year or more! This is our 2nd deployment to deal with. The first was to Iraq in 2006. It does not get any easier, and this time around, we have 2 children being separated from their daddy. It was hard enough watching my 4 yrs. old daughter struggle through the deployment, but now, I'll be dealing with a 10 yrs. old daughter and a 3 yrs. old son. I don't think life could get any harder than that. :(

The Saturday BEFORE Halloween, while we were preparing to get ready for some early Halloween festivities, our baby boy received a 2nd degree burn on his left palm and fingertips, after having touched a very hot iron. We rushed him to RMC ER for treatment. He was all cute in his little pirate costume and having to spend all that time at the ER. They immediately sent him to Childrens Hospital burn unit for treatment due to the severity of it. Children's Hospital burn unit was awesome and took great care of our baby boy. He went back that next Wednesday and had the blisters cut open and dead skin removed. His poor little baby hand was mostly raw skin. It was so sad. Now his hand is still receiving treatments, but they are no longer everyday, now they are every other day. His hand is healing well though. After his hand heals, we'll have to do hand massages indefinitely to prevent his hand from contractures.

Our Girl Scout Troop has gained 3 new girls...welcome Nicki, Anna, and Kyla! We are due to receive another new Girl Scout next Monday. Our girls are doing a Girl Scout Troop Thanksgiving dinner on the Monday before Thanksgiving. They create the menu and get to prepare and cook the meal by themselves, plus they get to serve it. They are so excited.

Well, that is all the updates for now. I need to get to bed. Have a great week!

Happy Birthday Juliette Low!
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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Happy birthday Juliette Low!
Happy birthday Juliette Low!

October 31st is usually a day of getting dressed up in crazy costumes, going to Halloween parties, going trick-or-treating, eating lots of candy, going to corn mazes, going on hayrides, going to haunted houses, etc....but for those who are Girl Scouts, October 31st symbolizes something more important! Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts, was born on October 31st! In honor of her birthday, our Girl Scout troop is going to participate in a nation-wide project that was started by a troop in Wichita, Kansas. It is called Birthday-in-a-bag. Our girls have decided that they want to donate their birthday-in-a-bag to help a very special child! After they do so, I will tell you all about it! :)

Fall is here!
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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Fall is here! :) I am so excited. I love this time of year! I love the trees changing colors, the grass dying (and my allergies to grass fading!), the pumpkin patches, the yummy food, the holidays, the weather....pretty much everything that fall has to offer. I LOVE FALL!

Looking for Some Delicious Recipes!
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
Sep 20, 2011 | 1615 views |  0 comments | 21 21 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

In celebration of the Girl Scouts 100th year anniversary and in honor of our hard-working girls in our troop, our girls are creating a troop cookbook that we are going to sell to raise money for summer camp or possibly some other trip. We are needing recipes! They can be any kind and come from anywhere. All contributors or recipe creators, please put your name how you want it printed in the book, your city/state, and if you have any Girl Scout affiliation (parent of a GS, leader, asst. leader, volunteer, current GS, former GS, etc.) and if you remember what troop, council, or city/state your troop was in, that would be great too! We need as many recipes as we can get! We need to start getting this put together and hopefully have it sent out for publication by December or sooner. We will be taking pre-orders and also will be selling extra copies. If you are interested in contributing a recipe or more, or if you would like to put your name down for the list of pre-orders, please email me at My name is Jami. Thanks!

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