I am just now fitting into life......
by DebraThomas
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This week I will turn 51. I dont know if thats bragging or just being silly but to me its a milestone. I have never been 51 before. I turned 50 a little over a year ago and I kinda liked it so I am hoping that 51 will be even better.  You see I am a kid at heart. I know to look at me you think I dont look my age, I look older, but theres a lot of years on this body. See, I have not been in the greatest of health the last couple of years and I guess thats what makes me more sentimental about getting older because I now find that each day has its own gifts. I like to get up early in the mornings when the day is still brand new and the earth is waking up and as I let the dog out to go do whatever it is she does at 5 in the am, I look at the sky and I tell God good morning. I know that sounds a little strange, but thats a wonderful way to start the day. I mean, after all He does so much for me. Then of course the dog comes back in and its time for us to eat/drink something and go back to bed for a few more winks. Life is what you make it and mine is quite simple but yet so full. I am thankful for so many things that if I tried to list them or even give thanks for them individually I would go to sleep before getting them counted, so I just say THANK YOU GOD and let it go at that. He understands. 

 Ok, so now for the next part of my life. I am anxious to see what it will bring. I dont want things to change, in that I want to have my Moma around for a long, long time, and keep my husband in the good health that he is in, keep my own health where it is at this time and keep my sister and brother in the good health they are in. Not to say we all shouldnt eat better and exercise and do the things that we are supposed to do but for the most part, my family is a happy family and we all get along well, and thats a big thing to me. My inlaws are family. I couldnt have picked out a better set of folks to belong to. My mother in law has taught me so much in the way of cooking and canning and herbs and flowers and reading the Classics; and my father in law has picked up where I needed a father figure so badly. My own dad died when I was 15 and I married when I was 22 so between those years I was just kinda lost, and I hit the goldmine when I got my father in law. He has repaired more tires, motors, broken items, lamps, and even fixed dog pens, houses, roofs and so much more. He is a wonderful man, and might I say one of the Godliest men I know. He walks the walk and he talks the talk and he and she are well worth their weight in gold.

If I were in school, it would be time to write a paper on what I did this summer. So here goes, this is what I did in the summer of my 50th year.

I am donating my hair to the Cancer Society next week. It will finally be the length they need and since it is "organically white" no color or perms or anything, they are supposed to be able to get more money for it to make wigs for those that have lost their hair.  I am proud to do this for those that need it. Its my honor.

I have found the singin' at the Jacksonville Rehab and enjoyed their Sunday blessings.

I have "canned" 48 pints of fresh stuff. Vegetables, salsa and pickles, but I did them. It was a chore, in that it took me a little longer because it was my first time to do this and well, it just took longer. But I did them. And its neat.

I joined the Weaver Cultural Arts Committee. This means that I have a hand in preparing for and joining in the planning of and advertising of the Easter Egg Hunt in Weaver; the Weaver Station Heritage Day Celebration and soon the Christmas Parade. Thats fun.

I was instrumental in having the First Community Wide Weaver Alumni Yard Sale. We didnt have a lot of folks come as vendors but it was the first one and we did very well. That was a great day!

And I learned that there are no cliques when you get older. When I was in school, I wasnt in the band; wasnt a cheerleader; wasnt an athlete, so I kinda didnt feel like I fit in. So after High School graduation I went to work and I worked for over 30 years all over the county and in Etowah County and all around. So I lost touch with folks in the City I grew up in.  Now that I have grown to be an older woman, I find that I FINALLY FIT IN!!

We all have older parents; most of us have no kids at all or none at home; we are all looking forward to paying off the mortgage and comparing who goes to what doctor and what ailments we have or have had.  Sounds depressing to most young folks, but you know what, the white hair, the lines on my face and the age spots on my skin are badges of honor. I wear them with the courage it took to get here and for once in my life, I finally fit in, and I like it.  So today, as you read this, take pride in yourself in that you have the ability to give Thanks; and you too have badges of honor, so celebrate. After all, its my birthday, and I think EVERYBODY should celebrate !!

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