A Riddle For You.....
by DebraThomas
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What does a belly dancer; Medieval Knight; the Civil War;TeePees;and sausage biscuits and fried pies with cornbread tasting and prettiest picklin' all have to do with each other?  

Now before you answer, there is a tank and a bunch of old cars involved too.

Well, now that you have had a chance to figure this out, and I dont know that you have, well I will tell you.   All of these are things I took photos of and have posted online but thats not the only thing.  These people and this food and these exhibits were all on display at the Weaver Station Hertiage Day Festival. So this should either peek your interest or it should bring a smile to your face because you were one of the thousands of folks that came through the gates at the Festival on Saturday, the 24th.

I am telling you, I saw more folks than I have seen at some college ball games. And most of these were from Weaver and the surrounding area, which tells you of the pride and the love that these folks have for this little town.

There were retired teachers, and retired students that mingled together. There were church families from long ago that stopped to say hello and share a smile. There were dogs and kids of all ages and sizes.  There was every color of jewelry to be found and crafts and artists work that was beyond words.

Music was on the scale of some of the best I have ever heard and when you take in to account that all of this was free, was under the trees and shade of the Weaver Elwell Park and you could come and go with no stamp on your hand or admission charge, well it was just one more fine sight to see. And the seeing was only one of the senses that was stimulated during the festival. There was Smoke N Hot Irish BBQ and he had smoke billowing from his fires all day, then you walked across the trail and there was freshly cooked popcorn with a cold drink ready for you. How about a nice, juicy hot dog cooked outdoors, that is always good, and slather it with coleslaw or cabbage....mmmmmm its making my mouth water right now, not to mention the cotton candy and snow cones. Then you needed to have the sense to feel the warmth from the fire the Boy Scouts built from where they stayed out in the park all night, and then the tightrope they had on display to walk. Or you could shoot the plates lined up at the edge of the woods. How about watching a woman do a belly dance right in the middle of Weaver Park. She was really good and pretty but well, you just dont want to see me belly dancing. I was more iinclined to be the one in the massage chair getting a massage while folks walked on past me to get to the Senior Citizens Building where there were hot biscuits with sausage and fried pies just made that morning waiting to be gobbled up. And they were gobbled up, FAST.  Not a crumb of a brownie was leftover.

The Civil War actors were quite busy doing their parades and shooting rifles at unexpected times during reenactments. Then there was a Midevil Knight and His Lady there to demonstrate the way they lived at an even early time. Indian Tee Pees were there for you to exlplore and take a nap in as we found one young person heading that way but being told by her mom, no its time to go home. But the little girl had other plans. She wanted to sleep in a teepee like the Indian Children did. 

As you rounded the corner, the Blue Knights had their big motorcycles on display. Beautiful motorcycles that are almost as big as my car, but worth a lot more. These guys are policeman that do charitable work for others and are special to us for many reasons.

There were crafters with feathers for your hair or face painting to be done. A MoonWalk and a Slide was ready to have Children jump and yell as they played for quite a spell.

Music was heard throughout the park, some folks sat and some stood and others just walked and listened as County, Rock, Gospel and Slower Old Rock songs were sung.   CountryBags were give out with all sorts of goodies in them for people to go through when they got home. Much like a child at Halloween pours out their candies to see what has been given to them, adults are  the same way when handed something full of all sorts of neat stuff. It just kinda makes our day. And when they found out it was all free, well, hey, lets walk and see what else is here.

So no matter the age or gender, when it all comes down to it, we like to have a good time. And a good time is usually found in a park. And when the park has a festival and there are free toys and games and things for the parents to do, well, it makes it a little more fun for the children too.

We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of being so rushed. Walking in the park and celebrating a small towns heritage, well, it just doesnt get much better nor more Southern than that. And I for one am so glad I got to see it all and be a part of it all, because I was told to look for about 100 or so people to show up and when the people just kept coming and kept coming, I was thrilled. You couldnt get the smile off of my face. I didnt take time to eat the food that was there but with that  Barbq smoke billowing in the air, it was hard not to. But I was having so much fun and meeting new folks and the ones I used to know, well, it was like a homecoming of sorts for the old and the new. We celebrated what we always knew and what my moma told me a long, long time ago, and I never forgot : 

No matter where you go, you will never be able to get away from your roots.

You know what, I am glad I didnt. Life is so much sweeter when you have someone to share it with. And I found I have a lot of people that like me and some that really love me, be it Sunday School teachers from when I was a child, old neighbors from my childhood home, and people I wen to school with and played with and some that I am related too.  Life is good. Small towns are good. And when you have a park and music, pretty weather and lots to see and do.........well, life just dont get much better than this.

Now before I close and let you think that you have missed out, we will do this again in the same park and at the same time next year. But you dont have to wait that long to get that funny feeling of love and rememberence.

We will be having a Chirstmas Parade in Downtown Weaver on December 3. We have a mighty fine line up of folks, and as soon as Santa comes through, well thats not the end of it. WHY NO SIR EEE.....................stick around and go to the Christmas in the park.  There will be music from the local church choirs; other singers will be singing Christmas music and there will be all sorts of Christmas themed HANDMADE and Homemade items for sale. So you come to the CHRISTMAS PARK on DEC 3 and we will be winding up the Parade there but we will just beginning to get the Christmas in the Park started. Chili Cook Offs and Hot Chocolate. All sorts of things to keep us warm as we gather to listen to the stories of old and the music sung by young and old alike as it has been through the years.

So, come on and see me in the Park on December 3. Mark your calendars for the Parade to start at 10 am at the Elementary School and wind up at the park.

Join us at the park, wont you? Just tell them Deb sent you.

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