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     Sorry it's been a while.  Nothing really bad has happened, just, you know, life.  Had a birthday last month - for those of you wanting the exact age, I feel much older than I am.  Getting the walk up and running (remember, April 28th at Oxford High stadium, and if anyone wants to help in any way contact me @ BHRobin at  Having another wait-and-see bout with pneumonia, as my body and the bugs get together and decide which way it's finally going to fall.  Volunteering up at Xan's school.  Dealing with a computer that can't decide if it wants to be a actual computer or a thinnish paperweight.  House issues.  Surprises.  Xan.  Family.

     You know, life.

     In some ways, in obvious ways, I may be more busy than many parents.  Having an autistic child means you get breaks that last, maybe, eight hours or so, when they're sleeping.  Maybe.  Even in the middle of all the things I listed above, I still have to keep an ear and eye out for Xander, for our protection and his.

     For example - one night last month the toilet overflowed when he was using it.  I happened to notice several flushes in a row, we raced in, and found the bathroom floor was doing double duty as a puddle.  We were able to clean that up with a minimum of damage, but how did it happen?  Dunno.  Perhaps it was just one of those things.  Maybe Xan jammed it up with too many tissues.  We don't know.  We could assume one or the other, natural or accidental or intentional, and act accordingly: no punishment for naturally one of those things, a discussion about what to do if something happens for accidental, or punishment if he did it intentionally.  We settled for keeping a closer eye on him to make sure he didn't do it again (if he indeed did it at all) and explaining he should have come and gotten us.  This is probably the worst of all possible worlds - if he DIDN'T have anything to do with it, we're overbearing and annoying the heck out of him.  If he DID have something to do with it, it's a much lighter punishment than flooding a bathroom should earn.

     But that's life - acting as best you can with incomplete information.

     The bug I'm suffering through, as it decides whether or not to go all-out or simmer at a light misery, makes me tired.  So it's harder to bound about checking on Xan, or helping Tracy with the walk, or even doing everyday things.  But life doesn't accept excuses, so I still have to do the best I can with what I've got to do it with.  Even if it seems I'm draqging forty extra pounds or so around.

     Yet, life goes on and hitting the pause button isn't an option.  And I do have it easier than many - if Xan's in school I can rest up, catch my breath and build up some energy to make it through.  Several people don't have that option.  So I am appreciative of the advantages I do have.

     And the advantages Xan has.  Even though working with him can be a challenge for everyone's temper, he's already passed his 4th grade stuff and working on fifth.  He's very good at not getting into dangerous things, so usually the worst things we have to worry about are messes and damages, not poisoning or ER visits.  And as I written before, there are times when he does seem to get that daddy doesn't feel good, so he should back off his demands for food or TV or whatever.  It's amazing how a little peace in the middle of tough times can be more fulfilling than a long stretch of peace over many days of ease.

    I assume, anyway, since long stretches of peace here probably don't meet many people's definition.

    So life goes on.  And we keep on trying to live it, one day at a time. 


     Walk for Autism is April 28th, at Oxford High.  If you want to help in any way, send me an e-mail at BHRobin at
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