I'm Telling You Its Hard to Be Nice
by DebraThomas
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I try to get along with everybody. To a certain extent. But lately it seems like I am getting a short end of the stick so to speak when it comes to customer service. Or just people being polite in general.

All of my life I was taught to be nice and treat others like you would have them treat you. As a matter of fact, I think its a Golden Rule to Do Unto Others.......and also there is a pretty good BarBQ place by that name and they have the whole statement on their shirts which I think is pretty neat.

So I do that very thing. I treat others the way I want to be treated. Or at least I have in the past. It may be coming to a screeching halt though, and soon.

It takes a good bit to get me to the point of being mad, but once it does, its not a pretty sight. You really dont want to be within ear shot of me when I let go. And for that I am sorry. Really, I know I shouldnt but sometimes bad words come out and I feel terrible afterwards.

But I havent said any bad words, YET.

I have written on facebook about the trip to McDonalds last week when the girl (I refuse to call her a lady at this point) YELLED at me (her manager was beside her) and then had the gumption to tell me I had ORDERED THE WRONG THING. (Still havent figured that one out.)

Then I went to the grocery store and told the clerk I wanted to get some strawberries. The man told me here are some, and I pointed out, yes but those are molded. He said, well take them off and use the rest. Do I get a discount? No.  Ok, then I dont want them, and was told well then you dont want strawberries.  

Went to a restaurant that is now out of business with my future husband and another couple.

We had a lovely dinner and I wanted dessert. I asked the waitress what type pie they had and

(I swear these are her words...)we've got lemon, apple and one piece of chocolate and you dont need it. (No I didnt get out of the booth and WHOOP her, but I wanted to....I was held back).

And now its come to clothing. I have been trying to find "church clothes" for quite some time now. I have been to several stores in the county, and while I have closets full of clothes that I love, they fit about 20 pounds ago. Still love the clothes just cant get them to fasten. So the hunt is on for new clothes.

The ones I can find wont reach around my right leg much less cover anything top or bottom and if the size is right, there is not enough material there to suit me.   I dont like to show everything and I dont want to see everything that everyone else has either.  And when it comes to shorts, well, this old gal AINT going to be buying something called Bootie shorts. Dont know what they are but dont want any either.

Which made me turn to ebay. I have purchased all sorts of things from ebay in the past and had lots of fun looking at the brands and prices of what I deem good prices  and durable clothing. So I saw a sweater I liked, would do to wear during the summer months in an air conditoned place, great price, so I bought it. Paid for it via paypal. Was very happy with my purchase.

Came in this evenign and turned on the computer to see that the seller had refunded my money because SHE had put the wrong amount on the item and she wanted to sell it for 10 times the price I paid. So she took it upon herself to refund my money.

Normally that wouldnt bother me, but I wrote my note to her and explained I saw the item, bought the item and want the item sent to me at the price I paid for it and if this were a store I would have to get it at the ad price.

She wrote back and said no, stores make retractions all the time and she wouldnt sell me the sweater again at the price I already paid.

So, I write back and say ok, I dont want to go through ebay and paypal rules but if I have to contact them, then I will.

She takes attitude with me and tells me to do what I have to do. So I am. I'm telling.

Like a kid that doesnt get their way, I'm telling. 

I'm telling on her; the waitress; the guy that FORGOT to plug my air conditioner back up today at the garage when he was trying to figure out why the radio didnt work; the girl at McDonalds and just about anybody else I can think of.

I try to be nice. I really do.

In reviewing my yearbooks (annuals) from high school, it states more than once, STAY SWEET;


Well, if folks in the CUSTOMER SERVICE type of work dont start being nicer to me, then I'm going to start telling on them.

Wonder where it would get me? Probably not far. I doubt the mean folks read my blogs.

But you wonderful, nice folks that do, tell them to be nice to me, because I'm trying to remain sweet and nice. I can do that easier than I can become a young girl again.

Thanks nice people. Saw a T shirt one time that said MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.

I agree.
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