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by JohnBagwell
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I was reminded earlier of the different roles moms and dads have in a child's life as I thought about a former comedian who noted this particular difference:  "A father will take his son out to a baseball field, teach him to hold a bat, teach him to catch with a glove, teach him how to hit a baseball, and practice for hours and hours, for weeks and years on end.  The kid eventually grows up, gets a sports scholarship through college, and eventually makes it into the Big Leagues.  On the day he makes his professional baseball debut, in his first ever interview and before the reporter asks the first question, this young boy whom the father groomed his entire life will look into the camera lens, smile, wave and say "Hi, mom!'"

If you're a mom out there, you're probably nodding your head thinking, "As it should be."

So, along those lines, here are some other thoughts on the differences between moms and dads.


First Aid Response: Moms vs. Dads

Mom - Rushes to the scene with a worried look on her face, tenderly looking over the child and searching for any obvious signs of injury.

Dad - Looks on from a seated position and commands the child to "come here" with a waving motion of his hand.

Mom - Upon further inspection and seeing nothing is wrong will repeatedly ask, "Are you sure you're all right?"

Dad - If the child has managed to walk to his dad, the dad simply assumes the kid must be OK because he just walked from where he was lying on the ground writhing in agony a minute ago to where dad has been patiently sitting and waiting.

Mom - After seeing where the child might have been injured, as indicated by the child pointing to an injury invisible to the naked eye, the mother will lean over and give it a "kiss to make it better."

Dad - Even if obvious injury is visible to the naked eye (such as a protruding bone) will scrunch his eyebrows, frown, and probably give one or both pieces of the following advice: "Walk it off" or "Shake it off".

If the parent was watching at the moment of injury:

Mom - will react with complete and utter horror, holding hand over mouth, and maybe actually screaming

Dad - if he has anticipated the event, will be reaching furiously for the video camera or his mobile phone trying to record the event

If the kid is essentially OK with only some minor scrapes:

Mom - "If you ever do that again I'm going to kill you!"

Dad - "That was awesome!  Try it again, but this time wait until I give you the thumbs up that the video is on."

If the kid has a bruise:

Mom - will want to get some ice on it as quickly as possible

Dad - will congratulate the child with a slap on the back and a proud smile "Nice shiner you got there!"

If there is blood:

Mom - clean the wound and apply antibiotic ointment, spray, or both and wrap the wound

Dad - "Don't worry about that.  Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Now get back out there."

Anyway, those are the ones I've observed at one time or another.  What are some of the funny and different ways you have noticed moms and dads reacting to various situations?

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