Improve Anniston
“Improve Anniston” is an Anniston Star project to clean up the community by reporting potholes, broken streetlights, graffiti are other nuisances. This is the place to make your neighbors and city officials aware of the issues in this city.

Report a problem by clicking on the "Report an Issue" tab above the map. Drag the red marker to the location of the problem and fill in the details. Adding the address and a description of the nearby area will help. You can even upload a photo of the issue in question. It's important to keep up with any problems that you submit. Please report an item fixed when it has been completed.

You can zoom in on a particular area by double clicking the left mouse button. The top left corner of the map features + and - buttons that will zoom in and out respectively. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to move around the area.

The "Create a Watch Area" makes it easy to follow problems in a certain neighborhood. Simply draw a box around the area you wish to follow, and an email will be sent whenever someone reports a problem in that zone.

A list of reported issues is located below the map. You can click on the headline for a description of what needs to be done in that area.

Any questions, concerns or feedback can be directed to Chris Pittman.

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