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Online advertising with Consolidated Publishing is the best way to reach your audience in east central Alabama!

The Anniston Star
  • Over 1.4 million pageviews every month
  • Over 93,000 unique visitors every month
  • Named Best Newspaper Web Site by the Alabama Press Association in 2006
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The Daily Home
  • Over 789,000 pageviews every month
  • Over 51,000 unique visitors every month
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Jacksonville News
  • Over 50,000 pageviews every month
  • Over 12,000 unique visitors every month
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Cleburne News
  • Over 31,000 pageviews every month
  • Over 5,000 unique visitors every month
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Piedmont Journal
  • Over 32,000 pageviews every month
  • Over 4,000 unique visitors every month
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St. Clair Times
  • Over 33,000 pageviews every month
  • Over 5,000 unique visitors every month
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Advertising Opportunities

Online Display Advertising (Run of Site)
Maximum reach. ROS advertising gives you major bang for your buck. Your ads will rotate throughout the Web site to increase your company's brand awareness.

Maximum visibility. Occupy all available ad positions and control the most valuable and visited online ad space available in northeast Alabama!

Online Business Directory
Maximum contact. Advertise in the The Anniston Star's Online Business Directory and help new customers find you!

Contests and Promotions
Maximum ROI. Win customers and gain exposure with an online contest on The Anniston Star. We'll help you plan custom promotional campaigns to generate solid, marketable leads.

Available Ad Units

We offer three premium-position ad units per page for optimal performance and maximum user attention:

MEDIUM RECTANGLE: 300 x 250 pixels (Two units available per page.)

The Medium Rectangle, or "Big Box," appears in the right sidebar of each page. It's a high-impact position with a large size that captures attention and gives you plenty of room to get your message across. [View Sample]

Maximum File Size: 75 kb
Acceptable File Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF

LEADERBOARD: 728 x 90 pixels

The Leaderboard appears at the top of each page, attracting maximum attention to your ad. Putting an ad in this high-profile location is a great way to drive traffic to your Web site and promote your brand. [View Sample]

Maximum File Size: 50 kb
Acceptable File Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF

Contact Us


Contact our Classifieds department at 256-241-1900, 256-299-2153, 205-884-3400 or toll-free 1-866-989-0873.


To place an ad or insert in our print edition, please contact our Advertising department at (256) 235-9222.


If you need a different online ad format than those listed above, we will be happy to work with you. Just call, click or come by:

Senior Advertising Executive Janet Miller:
Call toll-free (888) 649-1551, 256-235-9225 or cell (256) 310-1927

Ad Restrictions

  • All ads must have the advertiser clearly identified.
  • All ads must be clearly distinguished from editorial content of The Anniston Star and Consolidated Publishing Co.
  • We welcome tasteful animated ads; however, blinking, flashing or otherwise distracting ads are not permitted. Animations should be limited to 15 seconds.
  • We do not accept ads that mimic computer operating system error messages and alerts.
  • Audio must be user-initiated with a click. Audio must have a clear on/off switch. Ads that chime, buzz or make other loud, distracting noises without explicit user initiation will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept pop-up or pop-under ads.
  • We do not accept ads for pornographic sites, male enhancement products, online gambling, online classifieds, alcohol or tobacco products, or sites that offer malware or pirated software.
  • We do not accept ads that mislead users into navigating to a site that is unrelated to the content of the banner ad.
  • We reserve the right to refuse ads for any reason.

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