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Golf - The Other Four-Letter Word by CalicoHawk
May 05, 2013 |  0 comments | 121 121 recommendations | email to a friend
Have you played Golf?  It’s a lot of fun, and quite stressful all at the same time.  Unless your name is posted on one of the leader boards at major golf tournaments, that is.  It’s called “golf” because all of the other four-letter words were taken.  I started playing the game when Tiger Woods s...
by MsSnooty2Shus
May 05, 2013 |  0 comments | 93 93 recommendations | email to a friend
It does not matter how many woman laid with my Husband.  He was mine  and still is>>>> I pray for the bastard children! Mitch and I were  MARRIED in a religious ceremony on April 6, 1980. We met at Fort Belvoir Virginia and fell in love with a passion that has never been met by any other. So much...
Baby Books and Obits by DebraThomas
Apr 30, 2013 |  0 comments | 70 70 recommendations | email to a friend
Moma kept a baby book on me for a while. Its wasnt as elaborate as my brother, Brocks 2 volumes, but I have it now. I look at it from time to time and trace my fat finger over the notes she wrote about what I did on those first few months of life and my reactions to things. Now the silky pink thr...
First Plant Sale of the Season--Coming Up! by SherryBlanton
Apr 14, 2013 |  0 comments | 41 41 recommendations | email to a friend
Join the Calhoun County Tree Amigos Master Gardeners for the first plant sale of the season. Unusual perennials, trees, and shrubs will be featured at the sale, Saturday, April 20th,  8am - noon,  Cane Creek Community Gardens at McClellan.  We are going to have some fabulous drought tolerant plan...
by gameschannal
Apr 13, 2013 |  0 comments | 20 20 recommendations | email to a friend
Update the game lovers to play games like Action game, Adventure game, Simulation game, Sport game and more via gameschannal was held to introduce games and last news. who came to watch the news from game and feature video games review that has brought to those who came to watch a preview before ...
Parts Department. Can I Help You? by CalicoHawk
Apr 09, 2013 |  0 comments | 26 26 recommendations | email to a friend
All of these accounts are true.  I know, because I experienced them myself.  I used to work in automotive parts, and one of my responsibilities was answering the phone.  Now, you may have gotten some phone calls that made you scratch your head, but did you ever want to laugh out loud, or look aro...
Protect Yourself with Consumer Protection Law by kareyjhat
Apr 09, 2013 |  0 comments | 20 20 recommendations | email to a friend
Have you heard the phrase "consumer is king"? This phrase is very true in recent days. Gone are the days when companies used to ripe off consumers by selling bad quality products at a high price. Consumers could do nothing if businesses offered cheap quality service for a good amount of money. No...
What is real freedom? by JohnBagwell
Apr 07, 2013 |  0 comments | 46 46 recommendations | email to a friend
What do you think of when you think of freedom?  Maybe, like most people, you probably think of things such as freedom from slavery, freedom from oppression, freedom from social injustice, and on and on that list seems to go.  There's nothing wrong with setting captive individuals free, but latel...
Take Pride in Jacksonville Day by SherryBlanton
Apr 04, 2013 |  0 comments | 26 26 recommendations | email to a friend
Please join the city of Jacksonville as we "Take Pride in Jacksonville." It is a day for the residents to spruce up their neighborhoods and their community. Stop by City Hall on Church Street and register at 8:45 AM on April 13, 2013 to help pick up litter around the city.We will take electronics...
A Real Church by JohnBagwell
Mar 31, 2013 |  0 comments | 41 41 recommendations | email to a friend
What do you think of when you hear someone talk about church?  I'm sure there are those reading this that will say a local church is a local body of believers and part of the larger church which is the bride of Christ.  This is true, but is it really what you think of when someone else is talking...

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