Winn Dixie 10/26-11/1
by TheresaShadrix
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On page 8 of the ad this week, there is a manufacturer coupon that expires on 11/1:
Get (1) bag of Doritos chips when you buy three 12oz can 12-pack from Pepsi. Max. value of $3.50


Buy (2) Red Baron Pizzas 2/$12.98


  • Blue Bell ice cream cups (12 ct)
  • Totino’s pizza rolls (15 ct)
  • Tyson chicken nuggets, tenders, breasts or fingers (10-13.2 oz)
  • 7-Up 2 liter product

** (Save $2 instantly when you purchase (2) Red Baron pizzas. See store for coupon)


Get (1) FREE pound Hormel ham when you purchase (1) pound WD deli cheese in a single transaction.


Buy (2) Pantene shampoos or conditioners 2/$11.98


  • TopCare cotton balls (200 ct)
  • Ivory soap (4 bar)
  • Secret invisible solid antiperspirant deodorant
  • Crest toothpaste (3.5 oz)



Sanderson Farms skinless, boneless chicken breasts (save up to $4.59)

Sanderson Farms skinless, boneless chicken thighs (save up to $3.99)

Sanderson Farms skinless, boneless chicken leg quarters (save up to $1.79)

WD pork steaks or country style ribs (save up to $3.69)

WD skinless, boneless chicken breasts or tenders (save up to $10.99)

WD brand beef sirloin steak (save up to $9.99)

Mama Lucia Italian style meatballs (save up to $7.99)

Butterball turkey lunchmeat (save up to $3.99)

Nathan’s beef franks (save up to $5.69)

Louis Kemp crab snack delights (save up to $3.49)

Ocean Café crab cakes (save up to $8.99)

Fisherman’s Wharf whiting fillets (save up to $7.99)


Mrs. Smith’s cobblers (save up to $6.79)

Edy’s ice cream (save up to $6.79)

Entenmann’s loaf cakes (save up to $4.29)

Nature’s Own or Natural Grain bagels (save up to $4.29)

Thomas’ plain English muffin (save up to $4.29)

Wonder or Merita hotdog or hamburger buns (save up to $2.89)

Dole classic, iceberg, shredded lettuce or tender leaf spinach (save up to $2.99)

Kool-Aid or Country Time (save up to $4.19)

Hormel Chili with beans (save up to $3.59)

Campbell’s Select Harvest soup (save up to $2.69)

Valley Fresh white chicken (save up to $3.59)

Pompeian classic or extra light olive oil (save up to $6.59)

Carbonell extra virgin olive oil (save up to $6.59)

WD foil packs seasonings, sauces or gravies (save up to $2.39)

WD spices or extracts (save up to $10.49)

WD snack crackers or vanilla wafers (save up to $2.99)

WD sweetener (save up to $3.69)

Quaker instant grits (save up to $3.19)

General Mills cereals (save up to $4.99)

Duncan Hines cake mixes (save up to $2.19)

Planter’s peanuts (save up to $3.99)

Baby Ruth, Nestle Crunch or Butterfinger fun size (save up to $3.99)

Bugles, Chex Mix, Orville Redenbacher popcorn (save up to $5.99)

Ruffles potato chips (save up to $4.29)


Xtra laundry detergent (save up to $3.99)

Freshmatic I-motion or Ultra kit or Airwick 2-in-1 aerosol (save up to $13.99)

WD Starbright windshield washer fluid (save up to $2.39)


Scunci or Conair hair accessories (save up to $25.49)

Right Guard deodorant (save up to $3.99)

WD feminine pads (save up to $4.29)


$10 Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy at
by TheresaShadrix
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If you like Olay products, Walmart is offering a great online deal. Purchase one Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy with Bonus 1-Year Subscription to Allure Magazine for $10.00. Plus, it ships free.

An added bonus is that ShopAt Home is offering 2% cash back, so if you are not already a member, join for free here.  Once you register, search for Walmart, click the "Shop Now" button and then search for the Olay Spa Gift Set.

There are two gift sets in the deal. Thanks to for the information!

Venus Sensuous Skin Care Gift Pack #1
*Venus Embrace Razor
*Venus Satin Care Shaving Cream (2.5 oz)
*Olay Ribbons Body Wash (10 oz)
*Bath puff
*All packed in a reusable shower caddy
*Plus as an added bonus the Sensuous Skin Care Gift Pack includes a one year subscription to Allure Magazine or any one of 5 other publications (or $9.99 rebate)

Venus Sensuous Skin Care Gift Pack #2
*Venus Spa Breeze Razor
*Secret Lavender Body Mist (1.0 oz)
*Olay Ribbons Body Wash (10 oz)
*bath puff
*All packed in a reusable shower caddy
*Plus as an added bonus the Sensuous Skin Care Gift Pack includes a one year subscription to Allure Magazine or any one of 5 other publications (or $9.99 rebate)

If you do not want the Allure magazine subscription, you can submit the form found here, along with the card inside the Olay gift set, for a $9.99 rebate.

Clip2Save column: Shopping CVS for Savings, Part One
by TheresaShadrix
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The CVS ExtraCare card is the key to saving at CVS
The CVS ExtraCare card is the key to saving at CVS

In 1964, the first Consumer Value Store (CVS) opened in Lowell, Mass. Since that time, the drugstore has grown to 7,000 locations throughout the nation. Couponers shop CVS because it is considered coupon friendly, has a strong reward card program and offers store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. But, as with everything in couponing, you have to understand everything the store has to offer before you can get the best deals.

The ExtraCare Rewards Program

The key to savings at CVS is the CVS ExtraCare rewards card, which will celebrate 10 years in 2011. In order to participate, you have to register for a card in the store or online.  ExtraCare members also receive special offers and coupons in the mail and email. When you sign up for emails, you will receive a $4 off $20 CVS coupon, that can be used with other CVS and manufacturer coupons. So, in order to take full advantage, you should register your card and email at

ExtraCare Bucks (ECB's)

The main component of the ExtraCare Rewards card is the ExtraCare Bucks. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like one buck, so extra bucks is certainly something to love. It’s all in how you spread the ECB love.

 ECB’s print at the bottom of your receipt and there are three ways to receive them.

  1. Each week, CVS has certain items for sale. The sales begin on Sunday and end on Saturday. Sale items include offers for Extra Bucks after the purchase of the item.
  2. Extra Bucks pays back customers two percent on purchases in the form of a coupon printed at the bottom of the store receipt. CVS also rewards customers with $1.00 to spend on front store merchandise for every two prescriptions purchased.
  3. You can also purchase a Green Bag Tag at CVS and a recycled bag. When you scan the tag and use it with a recycled bag, you will receive $1 ECB after four scans. You can only scan the card once per day.

Rain Checks

If a sale item is out of stock, then ask for a rain check. At CVS, the rain checks do not expire and you will still receive the ECB.

Coupon Policy

Last month, CVS finally released an official coupon policy. The entire coupon policy is online here but some key points are that CVS:

  • Will accept manufacturers coupons, including those printed online.
  • Can stack one manufacturer coupon with one CVS coupon per item.
  • Can use coupons on sale items.
  • Will not accept expired coupons.

CVS Coupons

CVS offers store coupons that can be printed from their website, from email offers, from the Reinventing Beauty magazine that is purchased in the store and from the CVS Kiosk.

  • Your ExtraCare card can be scanned at the CVS Kiosk once per day. Scan the card once and CVS coupons will. Then, scan it again.

This week, register for an ExtraCare reward card and purchase a Green Bag Tag. Next week, I’ll have part two of shopping at CVS. If you want to go ahead and shop a few deals, look at the weekly match ups on or There are also CVS exclusive blogs at and

Got a question? Email me at



Winn Dixie BOGO's and Make-A-Meal, week of Oct. 19-Oct. 25, 2011
by TheresaShadrix
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WD All Natural Center Cut Pork Chops, wafer thin, assorted pork chops

WD country style pork loin ribs

Fisherman’s Wharf whiting, tilapia, cod, grouper, flounder or perch fillets

Sea Best butterfly shrimp, scallops, clam strips

Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks (save up to $6.99 on 2)

Sanderson Farms chicken thighs, drumsticks, split breasts

Armour meatballs



Breyers ice cream (save up to $6.99 on 2)

Pepperidge Farm garlic or cheese toast (save up to $3.79 on 2)



Post or General Mills cereal (save up to $4.59 on 2)

Progresso soup ((save up to $2.59 on 2)

Green Giant canned vegetables (save up to $5.28 on 2)

Welch’s grape juice (save up to $3.99 on 2)

Crystal Light lemonade & teas (save up to $3.99 on 2)

Pompeian extra olive oil (save up to $4.99 on 2)

Hostess twinkies (save up to $4.29 on 2)

WD sugar or cake cones (save up to $2.39 on 2)

WD seasonings, gravies, sauces (save up to $6.99 on 2)

Merita Old Fashioned Nature’s Own bread (save up to $4.59 on 2)

Pace salsa or picante sauce (save up to $3.09 on 2)

Nabisco tray packs or Cheeze-It (save up to $6.69 on 2)



Fab laundry detergent (save up to $5.28 on 2)

Mr. Clean spray (32 oz) Joy lemon dish detergent (30 oz)(save up to $3.79 on 2)

Arm & Hammer or Close-Up toothpaste (save up to $3.79 on 2)

Plackers (24-90 ct) (save up to $3.79 on 2)

Hefty foam plates (save up to $4.99 on 2)



Sundown or Osteo Bi-Flex vitamins (save up to $40.99 on 2)

3 bar Dial soap (save up to $3.19 on 2)

Wet & Wild cosmetics (save up to $6.99 on 2)



Buy (1) 33.2 lb WD twin-pack charcoal for $14.99


  • Doritos (11 oz)
  • Chinet plates (32 ct)
  • Armour jumbo hot dogs (16 oz)
  • WD mustard (16 oz)


Buy (2) 45 ct, 13 gal Hefty Black Out Trash Bags 2/$25.98


  • Chek (2 liter)
  • WD plastic cups (50 ct, 16 oz)
  • Heinz ketchup (10 ct packets)
  • Bounty paper napkins (160 or 200 ct)
  • WD aluminius foil (37.5 sq ft)
Yard Sale fundraiser for Payton Thornton & family
by TheresaShadrix
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White Plains Middle School is sponsoring a community yard sale to raise money for the Thornton/Rainwater family to help offset some of the expenses this family faces due to Payton’s condition.

If you know of anyone that can help with the event by giving donations, please contact April Trantham at 256-741-4704  or Leigh Ann Patterson at 256-741-4709.

Click Here for a recent article from The Anniston Star about Payton.

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