Fall is for Planting
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Fall officially started on September 23rd. The afternoons are warm; the mornings, however, are nice and cool and have inspired me to get out in the yard and enjoy the pleasant temperatures. Fall can be a really busy time for the gardener. Fall is a great time to do a soil test; should your results show that you need to add lime, the winter months will allow the lime to be incorporated into the soil before the next growing season begins. A soil test now will also allow you to see what other improvements need to be made to the soil. Fall is not a good time to add fertilizer as you don’t want to cause your plants to have a growing spurt and tender shoots be killed by the first frost. However, you can add amendments such as compost to the soil  It is time to cut back the spent annuals and clean the perennial bed.

Fall is a great time to start a compost pile with all those wonderful leaves that will soon be covering the lawns. When others begin bagging and carrying their leaves to the curb, you can pick up those bags and add them to your compost pile. Chopped up leaves and pinestraw make great mulch too! 

The most important point about fall for gardeners is that we are at the best time to plant in our area (with mid winter being the second best). Fall planting allows the us to take advantage of how a plant grows. During the winter, plants become dormant, meaning they are growing more slowly and are not having to expend loads of energy on putting on leaves and flowers. So new plants can spend the winter months growing a strong root system. Another positive of fall planting is that Mother Nature will keep them watered over the winter. (However, if the days are very dry, you will need to supplement the rainfall.) Newly planted ornamentals and trees are not stressed by intense heat and drought as they can be, if planted in the spring..

Fall is also a good time to add winter color, such as pansies to your landscape. There is nothing more wonderful than a container or a bed of pansies to provide winter time cheer. 

Make a visit to a garden center and bring home something new to add to your landscape.  Enjoy!

Camellia Workshop
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Camellias and Companion Plants Workshop
Join Calhoun County Extension Urban Horticulturist Hayes Jackson on September 27th at Cane Creek Community Gardens for a Workshop on growing camellias and companion plants in Central Alabama.  The Workshop will be from 10am til 2pm.  There will be a fee of $15.00 and lunch will be provided.  Plants will be available for purchase from Tree Amigos 4H club volunteers.  Call the Extension Office at 256.237.1621 for additonal information and registration.  Participants must pre-register by September 19, 2013.
Fruit Workshop
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The summer has been wonderful for flowers and peaches. The tomatoes have been delicious too! Extension Agent Dani Carroll had a super article in the Star yesterday about planting a fall/winter garden. It is time. Herbs like parsley and cilantro grow better if planted in the fall also. Start watching your favorite garden centers for plants for your landscape as we will move into the best planting time in Alabama: late October, early November. It is time to decide if you want daffodils or tulips and get orders in to your favorite bulb source for late fall planting.

Fall is a good time to take stock of your garden and decide what you would like to add as planting season will be here before you know it. Happy planting.
Ever Had a Deer Eat All your Flowers?
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Limiting Backyard  Wildlife Damage
Friday, September 13, 2013 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, CT

Calhoun County Extension Auditorium, 1702 Noble Street

Cost:  $5


Animals to be discussed:

Bats                Squirrels         Moles                          Voles 

Deer                Mice                Rabbits                       Chipmunks

Snakes            Armadillos      Raccoons


Registration fee covers snacks, reading materials and registration.

To register, contact our office at 256.237.1621 by September 6th.



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