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I do not know how many of you really pay attention to church "advertisement" signs (you know the ones where they put the little plastic letters on and create phrases like "The only thing missing from CH  RCH...is U!). Well, eventhough I am not a religious person, I do read these signs pretty much everytime I pass by one. Sure, most are strictly spiritual or Biblical, but a lot of them have pretty good meanings and intentions behind them. However, I've NEVER seen one that made me laugh harder than one I saw today. I do not remember what church it was, but it was somewhere in Anniston. The sign stated...

"SATAN called. He wants his weather back!"


Well, that sums it up...this hot weather is no longer wanted in Calhoun County and surrounding areas. I know it is no longer wanted by a lot of people in Munford either...including me!

Girl Scout Troop #20074 Needs Your Trash
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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Our Girl Scout Troop has teamed up with the recycling program, TerraCycle, to collect certain "trash" items for recycling. We collect these everyday "trash" items and send them in for recycling, at no charge to our troop, then with every acceptable piece that TerraCycle receives from us, the troop receives 2 cents per item. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up. On top of helping our troop, you are doing your part to help our planet.

We have a couple of drop off locations at this time, all are in Munford:

Munford Library
Munford Food Mart
Munford Rec Center
Oxford Public Library (See Ms. Barbara in childrens dept.)

The following items are the ONLY items we are collecting:

  • Capri Sun or Honest Kids fruit drink pouches (please make sure they are empty)
  • any brand of ink jet printer cartridges
  • any brand of makeup containers (empty only please)
  • any brand of soap, shampoo, conditoner, lotion, etc. body and skin care product bottles or containers (empty only please)

Thank you for your help!!!

"I want to be skinny. I want to be pretty." But why?
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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First of all, I will say that most of my life I have been UNDERweight; however, after having 2 kids, I am finally at a healthy weight for my height, and I'm happy. I have never "battled" with weight issues like a lot of people in my family and a lot of my friends. As a nurse, I've seen many of my patients battle with weight issues also. Of course, when I hear of a family member or a friend going on some fad-diet that is the latest rage, it worries me and also makes me upset. It worries me and makes me upset because most of these fad-diets have no scientific-basis and no medical research, but instead they are programs that are designed by money-grubbing people who are wanting to make money off peoples' insecurities and weaknesses. I just don't understand why our society has to put so much emphasis on a woman's beauty based on her weight. So many people go on diets with the one goal of being skinny. This goal ends up not being met most of the time, which ends up making the person feel like a failure, but usually this goal is not even practical for most people. Not only is it impractical, but exactly how much weight does a person have to lose to be "skinny" or "beautiful"? What so many people fail to realize is that each person's body frame is suited for a specific amount of weight. A person's body frame is based on skeletal structure. Most people with small frames are going to fall under the "skinny" category. People with medium frames are going to be "average" according to most peoples' opinions. People with large frames are going to usually be looked at as being overweight. If someone is large framed and sets a goal to be "skinny," this is not going to work out most of the time because the body frame size is still going to be large, which is going to make most people feel that they still look "fat".

Before jumping on some crazy diet train, people need to realize that many more things decide the weight someone is going to be, and most of the time, it can not be determined by some fad-diet. Considerations have to made for body frame, family body sizes, genetics, health issues (such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, Cushings Syndrome, etc), and also the types of foods and drinks being consumed.

Our society needs to forget what the next great model is weighing in at. Instead people need to get off the couch, stop playing the video games, cut back on the fast food and sugary snacks, and become more active...even if it means just walking around the lake or up and down the block. Take it from the older crowds who enjoy walking around the mall...it's indoors and cool, which makes it easier and more manageable during this extreme hot weather we are having. Not only do adults need to do this, but so do their kids. Kids imitate their parents' actions. If a kid sees his or her parents getting off the couch and giving up junk food, then the kid will want to also.

"Eat right. Stay fit. Get healthy." If I'm not mistakened, I think that is what the Disney Channel keeps telling our kids, right?

Contest to win a free photography session
by Jami_Van_Brocklin
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Summer is almost gone. Fall is just around the corner. Many memories have past. Many memories can still be made.

As you all know by now, I am a freelance photographer with my own side-business, Through My Eyes Photography by Jami Van Brocklin. My website is located at www.throughmyeyesphotographybyjvb.weebly.com.

I would like to host a little contest. It's free to enter! I will select ONE winner on the last day of July! The winner will receive ONE FREE 30 min. photography session at either Oxford Lake/Park or La Garde Park in Anniston. The winner will receive ONE FREE disk with the photos.

Here is what you need to do:

Since school is right around the corner and all too many times people fail to realize how special our teachers are, I want my readers to write a paragraph with AT LEAST 200 words naming and describing their FAVORITE teacher or the teacher who has had the most impact on them. Any age can enter, but if I pick a child's winning entry, the parent will actually "win" the prize and have to claim it. 

The winning entry will be REPRINTED on MY BLOG for everyone to read. I will include the first name and last INITIAL only of the winner with the winning entry.

The winner will have 30 days to use the free session coupon. Photo shoots will be scheduled on weekend days only!

To enter: Reply to this blog entry in the comments section. The winner will be contacted via Facebook!

My Girl Scout Troop's Cookbook
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My Girl Scout Troop #20074 is going to be creating a cook book this year as one of our fundraisers. We will be needing the help of the community to create this cook book so that we can fill it full of wonderfully delicious recipes! Once we have the cook book created and can submit it to the publishing company, we will receive hard copies of the cook book to sale. If you would be interested in submitting recipes to be put into our Girl Scout Troop cook book, please email the recipe, your name or the name of the contributor, any Girl Scout affilitation you may have, and your city and state. I will let everyone know when these go on sale. Thank you for your support!

Please email these to GSTroop20074@gmail.com !

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