Weaver Station Heritage Day Celebration
by DebraThomas
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There is going to be a carefully planned festival with a year of planning going on at Elwell Park in Weaver on September 24th. The gates will open at 8 am and will close at 3 so get there early and dont be left outside and disappointed that you didnt get to see the exhibits; eat the fresh foods; see the crafts and artists displays; and hear the live music that will be there that day. Courteous Weaver Alumni  attendees will be on hand to answer questions and to sell you a raffle ticket for $1 or 6 for $5 for a chance to split the pot. Around close to time for us to shut the gates and call it a day, we will take the amount of money raised from the sale of the raffle tickets, and one ticket will be drawn. The owner of the winning ticket will be awarded half of the cash from the sale of the tickets.  There will be arts and crafts scattered throughout the park; live music on the bandstand; plus many more attractions of every size and scope.   So come on and we will see you at the Park on the 24th!!

Who Is That Woman in My Mirror?
by DebraThomas
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Where has time gone and what has it done with my hair color; bright eyes and skin? I dont have a full length mirror in my house, (and those of you who know me can tell I dont, just look at me) but what happened? I know I have white hair, and when I ask my husband, "well, what color white is it? I mean is it WHITE or is it grey or is it..." and by this time he has informed me we do have mirrors, they are just not full length but surely I can tell the hair color I have. Well, ok, I can see that its a light color. But where did these lines and dots and spots come from? I didnt order these.  If these are laugh lines, I must have been in hysterics one day.....I just dont remember it. And age spots, what age do you have to be to start getting them? Or are they liver spots? I have always known that I am hefty, (for years I thought that was a brand of clothes, like 6x Plus, or XL Petite, but now that I have gotten older, nothing fits like it used to. Its sad.

I went to put on a pair of jeans the other day and noticed they fit but not exactly right but they would do, then I found out they were his. Oh well, they would do to go to the mailbox.  But with my forgetful nature being what it is these days, I absolutely forgot to take them off when I went into "town."

Its a good thing that me and the Good Lord are on a first name basis because I know He must get a chuckle out of me every day. I pray for the big things, you know, keep my family safe and well; protect us all; protect the animals and the nation and so on; but almost everyday comes the same prayer, "Please Lord dont let this car break down."   Its not that we dont have roadside service, we do, but its mainly because I am not dressed for the car to break down or to go to the store. Or really get out in public if you think about it.   So what happened to me?  Where did the girl in the pictures taken back in the 70s go?   Now I look like I am in my 70's instead of graduated High School then.

You know what, I told my sister-cousin the other day that my life would either make a good country song or a sad comedy. Thing is I dont know which, and I am not complaining you see, I just didnt realize that I looked like I do.  This is a true story, and one that I am ashamed to tell, but here goes.

It was 1983 and I was trying on Wedding Dresses in Atlanta. Went into one of those dressing rooms that has the 3 sided mirrors, and well, I saw a lady on the other side of the room, and she really had a problem with cellulite. Bless her heart.  Upon closer investigation, I saw that the lady in the mirror was me.....YEP, ME.  Bought the dress, still married, but that was the last time I got in front of a full 3 way mirror. Looked like one of those carnival trick mirrors.....

Which is funny, because when people I havent seen in years tell me that I havent changed a bit, its depressing.  Did I look this old in my teen years? If so, then who is that woman in my mirror, because she looks familiar to me, but I just cant seem to place her name.......





You Just Never Know What Life is Going to Bring You
by DebraThomas
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This is a repeat to some of my readers, but I lost my beloved Muff The WonderDawg about a month ago. So every night, out of habit, I tell all the animals here on the Ponderosa goodnight, and I still include Muff. So at first when she left this world to join her maternal Mother, I told Muff out loud that I wanted another dog just like her. I wanted one that would love me and follow me and be real sweet and nice and would get along with the other animals here and would just be a dog I could love on. Well, Muff, a puppy is not exactly what I had in mind. So here I am. With UnoPoppy.  Didnt want to name the dog, didnt really want a puppy, but what do you do?

My husband and I were coming home from the grocery store and I noticed a small puppy dog on the side of the busy road. I shouted at the puppy not to get in the road and against my husbands better judgement, I looked back and saw the puppy trying to find food in the gravel.  So I turned the car around, went back, parked across the street and walked over and picked up this little, warm, sweet puppy. As I entered the car, and laid the puppy in my husbands lap, he said, "What is this?". Of course, being the sweet person that I am, I put the car in drive and told him it was an elephant.   We drove the next few miles home.

Once we got home, I placed the dog on the pavement and I told it to wait while I found the key, etc.   GiraffeDawg (whom by now has gotten accustomed to being the only house dog) didnt like the sight. She knew there was something wrong and proceeded to tell me with her screaming in Dog Language through the closed window and door.

As I entered the house I tried to reassure GiraffeDawg that everything was ok and nothing was going to change. So after many sniffs, growls, cowering and a little tear, my husband came on in.

The funny thing is, (if it is funny at all) GiraffeDawg is fine. She looked at the puppy, they ate together, and then it was bedtime for Giraffe. She went to her pile of stuff she sleeps on, formerly known as my clothes, and she went to sleep.

I got a plastic bin, placed a pillow, water, small bits of food and a sheet across the top and put UnoPoppy in it. The bin was placed in the room where my husband was on the computer and all was right with the world. For a while. After a few minutes, the house was quiet, I was sleepy and felt I deserved a nap.  So I drift off for a few winks only to hear, "Deb, your puppy wants out of the bin, I think she needs to go out." Ok, not a problem. I go get the pup and out we go.

Well, Sam E and Yhap Yhap didnt think that this was a good idea. They barked, shouted a few things in dog language and this made Uno go up under the house.

I was not prepared for this. So I had to get down on hand and knee and try to coax a new dog out from under a strange house. The whole time I am thinking, I wonder if the dog is wishing it had just taken its chances in the road.

So we go to the front yard. There is a snake. Ok, I go back inside the house. We have some old papers, so I let the dog get housebroken. First time, YEAH!!! I think my job is done. Oh no.....the puppy is no wanting to chew.

Time has a way of making you forget things and I forgot about the chewing a puppy does, especially with needle sharp teeth. Of course there is puppy breath and that makes it sweeter, but still, CHEWING??? Come on.....

Now Uno has decided its time to nap again. Ok, fine. Back in the box. Nope. Uno wants in the bed with me. I guess she figures, Hey you rescued me, we are in this for life and its going to be a long trip, so buckle up.

A few minutes later the phone rings and its my mother in law, and I dont have the heart or courage to tell her about Uno. So I agree yes, we will certainly meet sometime Monday for making pickles (I had totally forgotten I am the one that wanted to do this!!) and Uno proceeds to chew the cord on the phone.  No, we dont have a cordless phone, we have heard there is such, but we are going to wait and see what happens.......(told you I am a little behind the times)

So after a discussion with her, I call my cousin that is more like my sister. We discuss all sorts of things, her grandkids, Mother, other stuff and then I make the mistake of saying, "No, Uno, dont chew my foot."  At the other end of the phone there is silence and I am thinking, ok, she didnt notice that, and am feeling real comfortable when all of the sudden I am told, "No, you didnt.   Tell me you dont have another dog." So on goes the story of UnoPoppy. 

After I got off the phone, I looked at Muffs painting and told her that when I said I want a dog that will love me, I didnt plan on a puppy.  With the wisdom and wit that I know must have come from Muff herself, the thought came into my head, and when you rescused me, you asked the same thing of Femur (the dog that had recently passed before Muff came along and stole my heart).  So, I guess you are never too old for wet sloppy kisses from a puppy; finding chewed up stuff; putting a wind up clock in the bin with the pup so it will think its the dogs moms heartbeat and fall asleep; and then the last thing that comes with having a new little puppy,

Losing your own sleep. We have a routine. Its called going to bed at night. Not being up all hours of the night with a baby dog.......do you realize when this dog reaches the average age of dogs we have had, I will be old enough to draw Social Security!! That is if they dont raise the age anu higher than it is now.  Man, you just never know what you will get when you ask for something.......This morning I never dreamed I would be getting UnoPoppy.   Who knows what life will bring us tomorrow?

Just please, no more snakes.

My husband, my husband, my life.......
by DebraThomas
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Yesterday was my the love of my lifes 52nd Birthday. I am so proud of him and the man that he has become and I made him promise me at midnight on the 28th just before the 29th came around that he would promise to spend the next 52 years with me. You will be glad to know he did. And he asked the same of me. I agreed, now I want to take my agreement back, because as of today, he is 2 years older than I am, and I dont want to spend 2 years or even shorter without him in my life. We have grown up together in the almost 30 years ago we met, and well how we met is another story, I still get a smile in my heart when I see him across the hall, or in the next chair to me, or when I hear his little car drive up the driveway after he has been at work, or to the store, or anywhere for that matter. He is my world. Next to my Moma, he is my best friend. He knows me in ways I never knew myself and has opened my world to so many things I never experienced, such as the Symphony; the Literature Classics; good, I mean really good food and music and sometimes, yes, a little glass of wine. He has shown me things out of this world that I would have never seen without him, such as the Milky Way, and I dont mean the candybar. He taught me that eating broccoli and cabbage are good things, and that living a simpler life is ALWAYS the better way, and that eating at a table instead of a TV is good; sharing meals with family is always a treat; to love your family is a blessing bestowed on everyone but only appreciated by a few; and that a gallon of milk doesnt last a whole day or night, and is always better when mixed with cold buttermilk. (The jury is still out on that one.) And one of the best and most adoring things my husband has taught me is that we will get through it. We will handle it. We may not be able to afford a vacation or a summer home or a winter home or a cruise around the world, but we have a relationship built on love and trust and sometimes just being home with the animals and the comforts of home are worth so much. So today, one day after his birthday, I want to tell him in print and in public, something that I think he needs to know.........

Your lunch is ready and on the second shelf of the refrigerator. Your uniform is hanging in the doorway, Sunday night is Taco night, so if you have something else you want for dinner, let me know before 6 and if you dont get me at home, then either leave a message or call back cause I am either outside, gone to Mamas, or

yep, gone to get milk.

I think we need a cow.

Does Artistic Ability Skip A Generation?
by DebraThomas
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I can not draw a stickman with a ruler. I always got so excited about my new coloring book and Crayons. I loved the newly sharpened Crayons and the variety of colors that came in the 64 box. But, sadly, thats about the extent of my artistic abilities.

My brother, Brock Parker, though is a different story. He is a professional artist. and he has an upcoming Art Show in Montgomery. During the month of August, he will be the featured artist showing his oil on canvas paintings at the Armory Learning Arts Center in the Anita P Folmer Gallery. I cant imagine having the talent to have an art show and it feature my works. I mean, how wonderful!!!He paints in an impressionistic style.

I am blessed to have a few of his paintings and I always marvel at his work, hoping I will acquire yet another.

Among my treasures is a painting he did of my dog, Muff The WonderDog that just passed away in June of this year.  If you have seen me in the little red Honda going back and forth to Weaver, or any of the local drive through restaurants in Calhoun County, she was the other white haired female in the car, ususally with her head out of the window, but then sometimes we would swap it up.

A few Christmas' ago, he surprised me with a portrait of my beloved Muff The WonderDog. He had taken a photo of her upon one of his visits to Mothers house, and then gave me the painting as a gift and I absolutely love it.

Another favorite of Brocks work is a painting he calls Big Momas window. Our grandmother had a window in her kitchen which was on the outside of a shelf. On the shelf she placed vegetables, flowers, fruits, plants and at one time, a terrarium. Just looking at the painting takes me back to a pleasant time and I am sure that if you have a scene in your head of your Mother or grandmothers house, then he probably has a painting to match your memories.

Brock comes home quite often to visit with Mother and myself, and along the way from his drive in Montgomery, he is likely to stop and take photographs of farms, farmers, chickens, horses, houses, plants, sheep, cows, trees, or a sunset.

While I cant draw a strait line, I am very proud of his accomplishments. He is very talented and he started his art career early in life as a teen artist. He won a blue ribbon for the painting he did of some horse heads, at the Calhoun County Fair. While he was just a beginning artist, he was always looking for art in everything he came across, and now that he has traveled the world, he has taken up the brushes again after a long break, and he is doing a wonderful job in it.

We were and are so very proud of our artist. If you're in Montgomery or going to be going through Montgomery on your way to the beaches, then stop in and see the local artist work. You will certainly be glad you did, and tell him, Deb sent you.

Dont know that it would get you a price break, but it cant hurt, after all, he is my brother.


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