Weaver Community Yard Sale
by DebraThomas
 Everyone Has a Story to Tell
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Fall was in the air even if it was July. The hot weather held off, and the gates opened at 6 as the Weaver Alumni held a Community Yard Sale on July 16th at Elwell Park.

Approximately 25 vendors were there with all sorts of wares from handmade quilts and paintings, wreaths, home decor and more.

Fresh produce was for sale as well as freshly baked goods from Bonnie Rays Bakery. Lots of purchases were made and several of the vendors told me that they would be back next year for the Second annual Community Yard Sale.

The parking lot was full at times as people filed in, sometimes in hopes of finding treasures and others just looking for bargains.   And bargains were to be had. Crockpots; jewelry; candles; Avon products; okra, new potatoes and Children clothes were the biggest sellers.

The Alumni sold raffle tickets for $1 each and the winner, Tracy Owen, a Weaver Alumni member, won the fragrance package of mens and womens colognes donated by Dillards Department store.

West Weaver Baptist Church was kind enough to come out and present everyone that passed by their tent with a cold, refreshing bottle of water.

Under the pavillion, tables were decorated with red and black tablecloths, inviting folks to come and enjoy their chips and drinks while catching some shade, and gave them a chance to visit the Alumni table. At that table, Keitha Jenkins Kirk, another member of the Alumni and myself sat and we informed folks of the Rada Knives for sale at the Rada site, but anyone that orders gives the password BEARCAT and the Alumni will receive a portion of the sales. Proceeds from the rental of the spaces for vendors; the soft drinks and chips; raffle tickets and the Membership Drive, all go toward the Scholarship Fund.  The Weaver Alumni is trying to raise money for a Scholarship to be awarded in 2012.

The Weaver Fire Department displayed their Big Red Fire Engine and gave the kids a treat of cool water for them to run through, and when the weather heated up, it was tempting for the adults to join the kids in a sprint through the sprinklers.

Another great addition to the Community Yard Sale Events was the Weaver BMX doing their stunts and demos. Anxious eyes watched and some folks held their breath as the very talented performers showed their stunts to us.

This was the first Weaver Community Yard Sale and from the success we had, this was the first Annual Weaver Community Yard Sale. We will hold this again next year on the third Saturday in July, so put us on the calendar now, because you just never know what bargain you might come across at our yard sales!!

See you at the park!

Typewritten words; 8 tracks and Old LPs
by DebraThomas
 Everyone Has a Story to Tell
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In some of the things that my mother has saved through the years, one of the favorite things I recently discovered was an old typewriter. Must have been one of the first electric typewriters, and with its heavy weight and large keypad, I still love it. Seems so strange to me that it wasnt that many years ago that I was clicking the keys and trying to keep from making a mistake because that called for a piece of correction tape or a liquid correction fluid. The feel of carbon and the second page that it created, well it was wonderful. Took me back in time to touch those big metal keys again, and then I came across some old LP's. Yep, they were my pride and joy. When I took my first job at the age of 15, I would save my money and buy my "school clothes and church clothes" and would spend the rest on music. I had the Carpenters; Theme from Love Story, and so many more. They were constant companions and friends, along with Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. The scratching noise that a record makes is still sweet to listen to when I hear one of them played on the local AM radio station.  Then, those LPs got moved to the back of the closet and the newest thing took over, 8 Tracks.  I can remember when I would borrow and listen to a friends 8 track tapes, he had a much better collection than I did, so I would borrow his, and I loved the Letterment and the Carpenters (again) and Elvis and all the greats.  They just dont make music like that anymore. Well, maybe they do, but it doesnt sound the same as when the button was pushed on the 8 track player, you could hear it switch tracks and then if for some reason it would stick, the obvious cleaner to use was a cotton swab and some alcohol.  Yep, loved the music, loved the era and loved the old 8 tracks.  So now that we have computers, laptops, IPhones, and Apps and all that jazz, well I am lost. I have no idea how to even use all of the little things that show up on my cell phone, and its so old its now out of date too. Wonder if that means I am out of date or if what goes around comes around, does that mean that music, typewriters and archaic cell phones will come back into style. For that matter, will folks like me that love the old things come back into style? I hope so, cause at my age, I am still waiting to fit in somewhere......

I love to garden and cook!!!! Yeah, right.
by DebraThomas
 Everyone Has a Story to Tell
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As I stated, I am from the Weaver Area. I worked for about 30 plus years but had to stop working for pay due to health reasons, and so now I spend my free time gardening and cooking. Well, that is if you call looking at magazines filled with beautiful gloss photographs of gardens and manicured lawns and cookbooks filled with recipes that guarantee that even I could cook this delicious meal with just 3 ingredients. Ok.....The cookbook doesnt mention that you have to use every pot and pan available; its not going to look like the photo and not taste exactly as portrayed and delight my family. So I proceed to try to cook. Which explains one thing for certain. The reason all of my cats and dogs (and used to be fish - they died) are all overweight is because they do like the cooking. They dont tell me what was left out or that they didnt think that it was seasoned exactly right.....they just eat it.  So, as far as the cooking thing, well, Thank Goodness the dogs like cornbread.  And I do too. Sweet cream butter melting on a piece of hot cornbread that has just been taken out of the oven and slid out of a piping hot iron skillet that it is so seasoned that its lacks any coloring at all, a tall glass of cold Cow Juice and I am set.  To really have a good meal of course you have to have pintos and a small slice of onion.  Man, makes me hungry just thinking about it. So I am going to close now and I will fix me and the dogs some cornbread.  But I will see you back here tomorrow, and then we will tackle gardening.

The First Day
by DebraThomas
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My name is Debra Parker Thomas. I live in Anniston with my husband and a houseful of 4 legged babies, feline and canine variety. Their names are probably some you have heard me say if you live anywhere around me and they range from, Lizzard (cat); Bootsie (cat) Ferguson (cat) Sam E (dog) GiraffeDawg (dog) and of course Yhap Yhap.   More on her later.....  I am from Weaver and after I graduated I went to work in and around the Calhoun/Etowah Counties area. In the past year, I have joined the Weaver Alumni Group and am a volunteer with them. The rest of the time, I love to cook and garden.  Again, more on that later. Now, on with the stories.......

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