Book Review: 'Days of Anna Madrigal’ a tender end to Maupin’s ‘Tales’
Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” books endeared themselves to readers and became a PBS series as well. But a lack of familiarity with Maupin’s characters will in no way hinder responses to this latest “Tales of the City” book.
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'Police': Latest Harry Hole novel is wildly intricate
“Police” is, like many in the Hole series, a wildly intricate, often infuriatingly brutal, novel with the usual unruly collection of Nesbø red herrings. Once again, the author proves himself to be the real thing.
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'Command and Control': Schlosser reveals what stands between us and nuclear doomsday
Eric Schlosser gives us a sprawling history of America's nuclear forces, a history littered with breathtaking mishaps, while putting nuclear annihilation back on our list of doomsday fears.
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Book Review: ‘A Time to Kill’ continues to thrill in ‘Sycamore Row’
It has been 25 years since “A Time to Kill,” his shattering first novel that didn’t find its audience until the publication of “The Firm,” his first popular piece. From that time, Grisham has rarely disappointed, but admirers of that first, almost personal, novel have wanted another. “Sycamore Row” is that book.
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'This Is How I Find Her': The value of family is learned through the hardships of adolescents
This first novel by Sara Polsky charts the path of an adolescent as she sorts through what life has dealt her and how she will respond. Intended as a book for young adult readers, “This Is How I Find Her” is one of those lucky reads that holds lessons for us all.
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'The Circle': Cautionary tale channels Big Brother nightmares of old
“The Circle” is a contemporary nightmare of monstrous proportions that by its early pages is already channeling Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984.”
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'Levels of Love': Memoir takes a raw look at life and love in the face of loss
“Levels of Life” is a slim volume, but the changes it makes in its readers are anything but slim. This exquisitely sad little book is here to remind us that pain means that we are alive. Pain means we have not forgotten that two disparate things came together and that the world has been forever changed.
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'At the Bottom of Everything': Childhood friends take different roads to peace from old ghosts
by Steven Whitton
Special to The Star
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In their youth, Adam Sanecki and Thomas Pell become fast friends. Then there’s the adolescent prank and the accident that results, an accident that haunts each boy in different ways. Guilt consumes Thomas even as guilt remains on the periphery of Adam’s life, and the young men grow apart. Until emails from Thomas’ parents arrive begging Adam for help in locating their missing son.
'A Place in Time': Berry turns back ‘Time’ in tales of his country home
by Ted Hadden
Special to The Star
Oct 06, 2013 |  0 comments | 58 58 recommendations | email to a friend
Among this distinguished writer’s 50 published books, “A Place in Time” comes out of his imaginary Port William community so smoothly and intricately you’ll be eagerly reading the 20 stories one after another.
'Going Home Again': Brock examines def inition of ‘home’ in intimate tale
by Steven Whitton
Special to The Star
Sep 22, 2013 |  0 comments | 88 88 recommendations | email to a friend
“Going Home Again” is an intimate, controlled examination of traditional and current attempts at defining exactly what home is — and is not.
'Nothing Gold Can Stay': Collection shares haunting accidents of life in Appalachia
by Steven Whitton
Special to The Star
Sep 08, 2013 |  0 comments | 82 82 recommendations | email to a friend
There’s a spare tree on the book jacket of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” — a tree leafless, adrift and alone. It seems to have faced the accidents of living, as Ron Rash says we all must in this haunting, heartbreaking collection of stories from the established Southern master.
'The Redeemer': Norwegian thriller series still worth the wait
by Steven Whitton
Special to The Star
Aug 18, 2013 |  0 comments | 91 91 recommendations | email to a friend
With the 10th Harry Hole novel due out this fall, “The Redeemer,” the sixth in the series, is just now seeing its U.S. release. It takes place directly before “The Snowman,” which cemented the Norwegian author's reputation in America.
'Scent of Darkness': All style, no substance to magical, moody Southern tale
by Brooke Carbo
Aug 11, 2013 |  0 comments | 67 67 recommendations | email to a friend
“Scent of Darkness” oozes style right down to its inky black cover. Plot, character development, remotely likable leading lady? Not so much. But if moody milieus and bewitching turns of phrase a novel made, Margot Berwin would be in business.
'Long Lankin': Everyday terror of nature at heart of English short stories
by Steven Whitton
Special to The Star
Aug 04, 2013 |  0 comments | 81 81 recommendations | email to a friend
Long Lankin is remembered as “the bogeyman,” and many an English mother has only to invoke his name to have her wayward child return quickly to the fold. The bogeyman that is nature (often represented by the sea) and human nature permeates each of the nine stories in “Long Lankin,” a welcome reissue of an early collection by British master John Banville.
'A Place at the Table': Novel looks North to find Southern tradition of home
by Steven Whitton
Special to The Star
Jul 28, 2013 |  0 comments | 107 107 recommendations | email to a friend
“A Place at the Table” employs the post-Civil War American paradigm of “the journey North” to explore that old Southern tradition of family and home.
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