Ferret Theory LXXVI
by 564magnum007
 “The Ferret Theory” {Original Doctrine}
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Ferret Theory LXXVI

The Gatekeeper for Osiris:

Exposes Conspiracy Triangle!

The conspiracy triangle also known as; “The EAI - Experiment” was established somewhere, around the late 1950’s is my guess? It would consist of a strategic plan to grab hold of America and take over the government in the US. And a plan to grab hold of Egypt as well. These two countries would prove to be in-part a bigger role in global capture later, for Israel!

Business, War and Oil the “three key ingredients” to survive and rule the world!

A organized group of assassins with shadow-man like, “Jack Ruby” as their leader, delivered a strategic plan that would go unsolved for all of US. History! This plan was: (Operation JFK.) President Kennedy was - born May 29th, 1917 to November22, 1963), Ruby would deploy his best shooters to assassinate the 35th President of the United States. The motive was to give Israel the “leading edge it needed to take control of America!” The purpose of this assassination was to gain a world - superpower for the people of Israel for world control…!

It’s a smart move it you think about it?

The second plan: was a “patient plan” and took place in 1981? It was called: (Operation - Muhammad Anwar El Sadat,) Muhammad was born 25th December 1918

until his timely death, by assassins in Egypt sent and trained by the organization of Jack Ruby is my guess? Israel’s top-man for strategic assassinations. It will also go unsolved for all of Egyptian history? The purpose of this historical event was to take control of Egypt and it’s Oil and control the Arab voice! It was taken care of by; Israel assassins and, a shadow leader of Israel was put in Muhammad’s place, his name was Mubarak, and his regime would reign for the next thirty years…..>>>>

The object of “The EAI - Experiment” was to take control of the riches of both “America and Egypt” by, putting ruthless Regimes and Presidents to infest their people with oppression and to be controlled like cattle? This was to occupy the minds of the people in both countries so they would not figure out they have been cheated out of their richest resources; like Oil, Business, Money Democracy and Freedom for a capitol gain to a foreign invader that goes by the name of: Israel.

What was interesting here was, both Presidents were a year apart in age and both died in the Fall season? Humm!

Even though the to governments are different or so they say! They are similar in character, they keep their people down with oppression and suppress there need to know? Basically, keep them ignorant and occupied! This way the blood and riches could get stolen and transported to Israel untraceable. Through -- “Mind Control Ideology.”


The Gatekeeper


PS: This is just my theory to the reader, not necessarily fact:

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