Did you listen to music today or have a Debra day?
by DebraThomas
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I just got a call from a friend of mine and she said, we missed you at the meeting the other day and she proceeded to tell me the details of this missed chance I had to visit with others. During said meeting, evidentally she messed up something or somewhere and she told them, "Uh Oh, I'm having a Debra kind of day."  We both laughed and I am sure the people in the circle of friends also laughed. And I am honored. To know that I am now famous enough to have a day named after me. Its great. I mean its not like a Ferris Bueller day or anything or St Patricks Day but at least I know that the words, Debra Day, may catch on and I will be the person the day is named for! Famous. Finally. Not for a great work of writing material, not for fortune, not for curing a disease but for admitting that I screw up and when I do, its a royal screw up. And, I tell about it. I laugh at myself and others laugh either with or at me, never sure which, but whatever the case, they laugh. And my day is made if I can make someone laugh. I am sure I make folks laugh all the time and I just dont know it, or its because I am not trying. I am sure that folks laugh at me for having spilled stuff down the front of my blouse and not knowing it; or driving with something hanging out of the car door or window or trunk. Or think that I am having some sort of a fit because I am directing music while driving. See I just got a CD player put in my car. First time I have EVER had a CD in a car. You have read about my cell phone so you know I am little (lot) behind the times. So when we got the CD player put in the car, I didnt even think to take a CD from home. So I had to buy one. Did you know they dont have as many CD's in stores as they used to? And then it was Tony Bennett.  Now you younger folks wont have any idea who that is, except when I tell you the CD I bought has Lady Gaga; and Amy Winehouse singing with him. And he also has Michael Buble with him and a host of others like kd lange and the such. Anyway, when he gets to singing some of those old standards that I know and love so well, I get to driving and singing and directing music as if I were in an orchestra.  Strange how music can have some sort of effect on folks. Loud music that has repetative noises makes me nervous inside. Cant understand whats being said and then its repeated about 1000 times. Or what my husband loves, which is what I call TING TING music.  You know, New Age music. No words or if there are words they are sung in Gaelic or something and again I cant understand the words.  Or the other one he likes is what I call cartoon music, which is really Classical music but I can usually name the cartoons or commercials that it came from. So did you listen to music today? And if you did can you name the type it is? Country. New Country. Outlaw Country. and so on.  So many names for so many things, which brings me to DEBRA day.  It used to be called being blonde by some folks but then I think people who really are blonde took exception. So my friend has named it DEBRA day instead.  See, its not only when I am driving and directing music that makes it seem I am out of it mentally, well its the kind of screw up things I do. Like the other day, I wanted to and needed to cut the grass here at the Ponderosa. It was weedy and I am afraid of snakes, and bugs, and ticks and lice and grass cut feet and well you get the idea, so I decided I would cut the grass. So I bought me a lawnmower last year. My husband says its not much above a toy lawnmower because its small and doesnt have a lot of gadgets. But it fits my hands just fine. And I can pick it up and put it in the car to take it to Mothers or wherever it needs to go, like to the C&C Small Engine Repair shop. I have learned not only the way there, but roads to take to be sure the lawnmower doesnt fall out of the trunk while getting there. So I go the back way through Saks instead of down 431 to the shop, taking roads that make me go downhill alot instead of up hill. Then when I get to come home with my prize possession, I drive another set of streets, making me go downhill coming home. That way the lawnmower goes forward and not backwards. Makes sense to me. Well, I was thrilled with myself because I got the lawnmower in the car by myself. Got the twine and tied it in there really good, and drove to the shop. The man called and said it was ready. I was so happy!!! So I went back to get my lawnmower. Seems the problem was a cord that had been put on wrong at the factory, it wasnt my fault after all, and they fixed it. YEAH!!! So I take my backroads coming home. All is well. I get home and I have a certain pair of clippers that I like to use in the yard to clip roses and such. Love those clippers. So I got them suckers and I went to clipping all the twine I had put around the lawnmower. I clipped and I cut and I was getting the lawnmower out when I noticed that I had cut the cord that is used to start the lawnmower into. Smack dab into. Well, I didnt bother to get it out of the trunk, I just tied it back up, went back to C&C and when I drove up, the guys there said, what happened? Then of course they had a laugh and tied a knot in it and told me to go home.....safely.  I did.  And I cut that grass (it took me 2 days because I am so out of shape) but I got it done. The next day I was going to tidy up a little bit and get the parts that I missed. It kept going dead so I turned it over to see what it was choking on. There was a shoelace or something wrapped around it, so I got it off and kept trying and it wouldnt go. I tried and I tried to start it but it blew this blue smoke out the muffler and I just kept trying. My neighbor, Jeff, next door told me to stop, you dont use something thats smoking! Well that nice man came and helped me to finish up. I was so happy. But the next morning I was up early and ready to take the lawnmower to the shop again. I did and as soon as I drove up, those nice gentlemen came out to see what in the world was wrong. They were so caring and nice and didnt say anything to make me feel stupid when the gentleman that first asked me what was wrong put gas in the mower and started it. And it didnt smoke. I was in shock. I couldnt believe it. Then after they cut it off and had a small chuckle at my expense, I told them I had learned the day before you have to have oil in the mower (Jeff asked me if it had oil and I told him I didnt know you had to have oil in them) they advised me that when I turned it over to get the shoelace off I probably got oil on the motor. Thereby making the smoke. But when the oil cooled off and dried up then I could have cut again with no problem. The men there are very nice. Very kind. And they just smiled when I told them I wasnt having a blonde day, I was just having a Deb day.   

Whats so sad, I think they understood.  But at least I made someone smile.

Did I do it when you read this blog?  Hope so, cause its sad but this is true. My life is a funny country song or a sad comedy, whichever way you look at it, but its my life.

Just laugh at me or with me, but just be happy whenever you see me. I will be when I see you.
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