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no need to get your pants all twisted up. I know your wife is sitting there telling you what to type but that is your fault not mine.


As to being afraid of women, just watch the Dog Whisperer and you will learn that domination is not based on fear but it is based on the dominee being weak. That is why some men dominate women, because the women are weak and invite it. That does not make it right but it is a fact. It is instinct brought down from when we were animals. Some men have not evolved to the point where they can keep their instincts in check. You will notice that not many of these dominating men try to dominate a 250 pound linebacker. No, they dominate someone who is weak. And bty, the same applies to the so called fear of gays. Gays are seen to be weaker so men tend to have a dominate or attack mode toward them. Now, if a straight man encountered a 250 pound gay linebacker he would probably really be afraid of him. But he would not bash him. He would say gay is great, especially if he sacked the quarter back several times.

So, with the fear thing out of the way, let’s get back to the Bible. I am not an expert but I have read several passages that say women should not preach. I have yet to find one that said clearly that they could. The Bible is pretty straight forward on that. You have a few verses that you could possibly say support women preacers vs several verses that are explicitly against women preaching.


So as I said earlier, in order to suport your claim you would have to make a case that parts of the Bible were meant only for that time and circumstance, or that the Bible was not completely inspred by God, or that some verses were changed due to various reasons. In other words, was Paul God’s spokesman and was his words accurately recorded and were they meant to apply today?

As I think I have said before, I have no strong opinion on this one way or the other. I am just questioning your argument.



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