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by JohnBagwell
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Went to the eye doctor yesterday to get new glasses.  I've been needing new glasses for quite some time now as it's been probably 5 or 6 years since I last had my eyes checked.  The world, it seemed to me, had started growing "a little cloudy" or blurry.  Certain small fields of my vision were perfectly clear, but others it seemed could not be brought into focus.

I sat through the battery of tests where they show you the little farmhouse off in the distance, the "little pufts of air" for each eye, and the dilation drops which turns regular sunshine into something bordering on offensive.  In the end, it turns out my eye glasses were just really scratched up.  There were no changes to my vision, but my perspective had changed because of what my glasses had been through.  I was looking at a perfectly clear world through a bad set of glasses.

As I walked, squinty-eyed, to my car, I began to think of a conversation I had with a friend earlier that week about the whole gay marriage debate.  My friend, who is a Christian, felt that people could be born gay.  Not that he was completely convinced of it, but leaned toward that as he has also held the opinion that not everything in the Bible is true.  It was a very interesting conversation for me, because I like rational discussion with rational people who can explain their position without finger-pointing and name calling.  For my friend, it all seemed to revolve around the concept of a question: How could two people, mutually committed to each other in love, be wrong?

I conceded that I have seen some gay/lesbian couples in relationships that seemed far more loving, healthy, and even "more Christian" than some Christian marriages.  However, I still held the view that it was wrong, simply because the Bible very clearly spells out that homosexuality is wrong.  Where I think my perspective differs from others is that homosexuality is wrong, but it is no more grievous or wrong than the other sins of fornication or adultery.  For that matter, homosexuality is no more wrong than any other sin.

I think there is too much focus on homosexuality being wrong, and not enough focus on simply loving people where they are, regardless of where they are.  This is not in any way a condoning of homosexuality, but it is my view that it is not only useless to condemn people for it, it is also hypocritical.  As abhorrent as the idea of homosexuality is to some people, every single one of us is equally abhorrent in the eyes of a perfect sinless God without Jesus Christ in our lives.  Only by the blood of Christ are we made perfect.  I believe it is enough that the Bible condemns homosexuality (and all sin), there is no need for me to do so.

Because of my acceptance of Christ, I am forgiven, loved, and accepted.  I will not lose my place of relationship with Him, nor will I ever exhaust His love and forgiveness for sins.  I can accept that I will do wrong things, for nothing prevents my sinful flesh from being tempted, and I am still just as human as anyone unsaved.  The difference in my life is an acceptance of forgiveness, a recognition of right and wrong behavior according to the Bible, and a desire to please my Savior through a life that is pleasing to Him.

And what would be pleasing to Him?  Should I then, as a forgiven, loved, and accepted son of God, run around finger-pointing and name-calling?  Or rather, should I be just as accepting and loving of others as Christ was of me?

To my friend, I made it clear that while the Bible may actually speak of some people being born not attracted to the person of the opposite sex (Mt 19:12), the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is wrong.  The greater explanation is that maybe these people were born to serve God unencumbered by marriage (I Cor 7), and that while others may be tempted by sexual sin with someone of the opposite sex, there is no way the devil would leave these people untempted by sexual sin, and so we have the sin of homosexuality.

I wish I could get into all the aspects of the topic we talked about as the discussion was very interesting.  I am convinced that what confuses people on the topic is not what the Bible says, but where we stand on our perspective.  Just like my glasses were scratched up and had affected my vision, if we see this sin-scratched world first and try to align it with what we know about the Bible, our perspective will be skewed.  However, when we look through the clear prism of the Bible first at the world, we then see the world as God sees it.

There is no need to justify the world of sin to relate to it, Jesus justified all who would accept His payment on the cross.  Homosexuality is no less wrong than any other sin just because it is forgiven, the difference is a recognition of what is right and wrong, and a born-again life that seeks to please God.  As God sought you in your sin, to redeem you to Himself, so ought we show the love, forgiveness, and acceptance of God that is available to all regardless of where they are in life.

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