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     There seems to be a cosmic rule for us.

     If it's supposed to be a Big Day, things will go wrong.

     Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving...

     Father's Day.

     I was just going to take it easy, minimize the risk.  Plus, heck, I'm old and tired and it's been a LONG month.  So we were staying in, I was lazing around, eating leftover Mata's pizza and watching soccer.

    And then...

    Parents get specialized antennae as their kids grow up.  We're able to tell the difference between a cry you can let go and a cry that needs immediate attention.  One loud clunk we can just yell 'Stop whatever you're doing and pick it up!' and another kind we're up and breaking the 40 yard dash record to see what happened.  And certain other noises really make jump and bolt. 

     Like a toilet flushing a lot and the sound of running water.

     It's a really bad sign as you dash for the bathroom when you're HOPING that means only the sink is flooding.

     Not so much.

     It was a WATERFALL.  A splashing, running flood.  The floor was about half an inch deep, the water ran down the vent to make a nice sized puddle downstairs, books were drenched and clothes were floating and it was not pretty.

     Another cosmic rule, not just for us: When the toilet overflows, it won't be just liquid.  I'm being genteel here.

     A small bathroom took about three hours to clean up, with sopping up the water and wringing it out, throwing away books and clothes, washing what could be spared, plunging the toilet into usability again and several strong Lysol moppings followed by hot water cleaning, scrubbing every surface we could reach.

     It wasn't the worst thing ever, but it sure wasn't anywhere near my first choice of how to spend a day, let alone one supposedly set aside for me.

     But it was par for the course of the summer to date.

     Xan had been having several bad days.  He wouldn't obey me at all.  I would say don't do A, he did A.  I would say do X, he wouldn't do X.  Constantly.  There was yelling, there was screaming, there were multiple trips to his room for punishment and for me to get a chance to breathe and clean up the most recent mess that he made and wouldn't clean up.

     It got to the point where I was getting afraid he was regressing somehow, losing all the advantages he had, I had bad thoughts of this being the new normal, a constant fight over and over, to where he was helpless and unsuitable for anything but the simplest tasks. 

     It was not happy thoughts.  And I grew pretty depressed, keeping quiet and having no fun at all, inside or outside, drained of energy and emotion.  Sleep - never a steady thing - got even more broken and less restful.  My workout schedule - which had been five days of a Wii workout (MyFitness Coach), jogging every other day, Tae Kwon Do twice a week and forms every day (and I STILL have a belly!), dwindled to nothing as I found myself chugging Diet Coke and sugary snacks hourly for energy to make it through the day.  I even skipped Tae Kwon Do, realizing I was so drained and tired and listless that either I would get hurt or hurt someone else through a combination of exhausted and careless.  As you can see, I've skipped a couple of weeks of blogging, not having any spare energy to type in thoughts and, honestly, no wish to express what was going on with me.   

     As flooded as that bathroom had been, I was flooded with everything that was going on, to the same effect.  And as is my wont, I kinda hated myself for feeling so overwhelmed, since many families take days like those and consider them peaceful holidays.  That didn't help.

     Things have improved.  Xan's doing good in summer school, even starting to write a bit more.  His home attitude has gotten better and he's gotten back to doing what I tell - mostly - and not doing what I forbid - mostly.  After a time of constantly not, mostly so is magnitudes better.  I was able to talk to Tracy about how I was feeling (one word - DOWN) and that helped a lot.  Getting back into exercise slowly. letting my body readjust.  Went back to TKD, was able to hit and be hit and help teach and sweat out some of the stress.

     One thing to keep in mind - no matter how big the mess, it does get clean eventually.

     Here's hoping you are having a good summer.



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