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     It has been a busy time here.  So it's been a while since I caught everyone up.  But I think you'll forgive me when you hear what's been happening. 

     The new kitten I talked about last time has settled in well.  Gizmo is adorable, intermittently a sweetie cuddling and purring one minute and then a mighty fierce huntress (RaWr!) the next.  The other cats have generally accepted her, so that has gone well.  But - we had to rush Shadow to the vet (the same one Xander had such a reaction to at the vet's) for a super high fever and no appetite or energy.  He had to stay overnight and get checked out.  Not five days later, Gizmo got by me, ran in the garage, got under the car and drank something under it.  Of course I was afraid it was antifreeze, and rushed HER to the vet.  The odds were good it wasn't - cats generally don't drink antifreeze, the puddle had the consistency and smell of water, and the car hadn't been run for five hours.  I even panickedly called our auto guy to get HIS opinion on what he thought it might be (hey, we love our cats) and he also politely and nicely explained why he didn't think it was (by the way, we go to Mike's Tire and Auto and highly recommend them) - but there was a twist.  The treatment for antifreeze is to give them a lot of alcohol, and since Gizmo was a small kitten there was a not-small chance she would have bad effects.  So I rolled the dice and didn't have her treated for that.  It turned out well, but it was a nervous night for me.

     I started feeling pain in my jaw over one weekend that went from twinging to noticeable to constant to not being able to sleep.  Turns out I had a large abscess, so big it was pushing the tooth out of its socket.  A root canal followed - in fact I write this just having come back from another session.  That was a bit of a bump in the road.

     But for all that - it was a good time.

     Both emergency cases for the cats turned out well.  The bills were expensive, but we're able to handle it, instead of having to perhaps give up groceries or power or the like.  My tooth is healing.  Xander started school again and but for one bump on the first day has handled it well.  When my jaw was starting to really really hurt, I had to go register Xander and was told while doing so that he had scored very well on his evaluation tests - straight 4's across the board, the best score.  And when I was really hurting, I was lucky enough that Tracy could take time off and help out, and that I had the luxury of being able to rest.

     It's hard to remember sometimes, for everyone but perhaps especially for people like us with an autistic kid, but if you can look at your life and find some good points, even in the midst of chaos and confusion, it really helps.  Those few moments of peace are things to be treasured...they don't make everything better, but they make you appreciate the whole of what's going on, bad and good.

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