Blood Lust from the Underworld
by Charles Lee, Alexandria High School
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“Bing!” The elevator sounded to inform me that it was my turn to travel downwards. “Why am I here?” I thought to myself. And was quickly reminded by the badge that was clipped to my shirt pocket that I was a scientist who studied for the University of Noble Americans. “The year is 3028,” I thought to myself.

It seems like almost yesterday I was sitting in a computer chair doing 5th grade science homework. Now my dream has become my very own reality. The only reason I attended this University is because my mother and father were very wealthy surgeons who experimented with “Frankenstein” surgery methods to replace body parts of those who were unfortunate to lose their limbs in warfare or due to diseases. And because of their many achievements I was granted a full scholarship to the University of Noble Americans.

Several minutes went by before I heard the “Bing!” of the elevator to sound my time to get off. Our University was conducting an experiment at the very lowest depths of the earth. The University was already at around 3,700 miles deep. As I reached approximately 3,000 miles on my journey to the core of the earth, I was instructed to put on a special UNA Hazmat-Like suit to protect my body from the 7,000 degree Fahrenheit tunnel walls as we traveled down. It scared me to know that the only thing keeping me from burning me alive was the technology of modern 3028 science.

“Bing!” I heard once more to let me know it was time for me to take part in the UNA “Center of the earth” experiment.

As I stepped out of the elevator, a man greeted me, his name was Nathanial. “Greetings from the underworld!” he said in a joking manner. “We’re almost done here. A few more feet and we will have officially reached the center of the earth.” He stepped a few feet to his right and flicked a switch on a very large machine called an “Earth drill.” The drill slowly dug into the earth deeper and deeper. And then, as if a gun shot went off,

a loud “Crack!” met our ears. And like bullets ripping through the air, demons and evil, satanic spirits shot out from under the drill.

Nathanial was quick to run for the elevator, but it was too late. A demon with blood shot eyes that stood 6 feet in height tackled him, and wrestled him to the ground. And within seconds, the wrestling stopped. And he slowly got up. And just as quickly as he talked my friend, he took a swing at me with his long, sharp claws severing my oxygen cable on my back. Without oxygen, I panicked and ran for the elevator, but the ground under me began to crumble, and as if in slow motion, I fell.

Down and down I fell until my body met with a burning hot pool of magma. I knew where I was at. In hell. I watched as my body slowly melted. And slowly, the light faded from my eyes. “I’m dead,” was the last thing I thought…

After all the commotion, things fell silent… And I opened my eyes hoping to see my lord, Jesus Christ. But then… Then my eyes were met with that of the demon…
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Blood Lust from the Underworld by Charles Lee, Alexandria High School

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