Nightmare in Space
by Trevor Crow, 11, The Donoho School
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This is not at all what we planned …

My crew and I ran for the ammunition room; we were losing the battle, but we weren’t giving up.

“We’re not going to make it!” I heard someone yell.

“Don’t say that!” yelled another.

“Everybody be quiet!” I yelled.

That seemed to work.

“We’re here,” I said.

The door didn’t even bother to open; it just fell off its hinges and hit the ground. Everyone went silent, just waiting for them to come around the corner, running at us, but nothing happened.

“Alright everyone, grab as much as you can and let’s get out of here.”

Everyone made a mad dash for what they could find. Ammunition, guns, anything that could help.

“Hey captain! Look at this!”

I walked over.

“It’s my old journal! How’d it get here?”

I opened it to a random page, and it read:

Captain’s Log, March 30, 2387

We’ve been traveling through space for a year now. Life has been wonderful on the Halberd, and I, Captain Jones Pleasure, have the honor of sailing this wondrous ship to the new space colony on Jupiter. After years of importing metals and other precious resources from the capital, scientists have finally managed to build a suitable living arrangement on an otherwise uninhabitable planet. The remaining millions of people rejoiced to be able to live above ground, after nearly 200 years of nuclear fallout. And with new advanced technologies, the trip is amazingly fast. With the Columbus and the Pink Panther beside us, and a year and a half more of travel, the future looks bright.

If only that entry was true. I put the journal in my bag.

“Alright everybody, let’s move out!”

We moved down a corridor, flashlights on maximum. Then I heard something and stopped dead in my tracks.

“Everybody stop!” I whispered, hoping that no one would be dumb enough to ask why.

And no one did.

“Everyone, hide behind something, quietly now.”

We all found something to hide behind, and we waited.

When I thought we were safe, I said, “We’re good, get up.”

Bad idea.

The creatures busted out of the wall, racing toward us. Gleaming scales, blacker than ink, teeth dripping poison, burning holes on the floor. We all shot as fast as we could, but nothing worked.

Then I had an idea, and ran.

As I was running, I pulled out a map of the ship.

“Come on, where’s the messaging room!?”

I just kept running, as fast as I could, then I saw a sign that said, “Letter Sending.” I also heard one of those creatures. Not good.

When I finally found the blasted room, the creature was only several yards behind me. I made a mad dash for the computer, and booted it up. I typed a SOS letter, just as the creature pounced, teeth gleaming, ready for its next kill. I hit the send button, and everything went black.
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Nightmare in Space by Trevor Crow, 11, The Donoho School

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